Review of Beltone Electronics Hearing Aid Company

Review of Beltone Electronics Hearing Aid Company

Beltone has been helping people who suffer from hearing loss since 1940 when they opened their first office in Chicago. For more than 40 years Beltone has been working to improve the technology that drives their hearing aids. This commitment and dedication has afforded them many ‘firsts’ in the industry such as the first:

  • All-in-one hearing aid
  • The use of smaller batteries
  • Ear-level binaural hearing aids
  • Behind-the-ear hearing aid
  • Custom in-the-canal hearing instruments, and more

Beltone has also had the privilege, in 1969, of manufacturing ear molds used during lift-off and re-entry for all astronauts. It is this kind of research and development that has contributed greatly to the design and technology that goes into today’s state-of-the-art hearing aid devices and their recognition as industry leaders in the field of hearing aid instruments. Although these accomplishments continue to lead product technology, it is Beltone’s commitment to patient satisfaction that has resulted in countless reviews by individuals whose lives have been dramatically enriched with the use of a Beltone hearing aid.

Beltone understands that any amount of hearing loss can cause much anxiety and stress and encourage you to visit one of their many hearing loss centres in order to determine if your hearing loss is progressive or simply a temporary condition. From the very first visit to a Beltone office, professional hearing care technicians take the time to learn about your health history, hearing goals and your lifestyle. Once your comprehensive hearing assessment has been completed, your hearing care professional will carefully explain all the results to you. In many cases, hearing loss is a temporary condition that can be caused by wax build up or an ear infection and will also let you know if you’re particular condition indicates the need to seek further medical help.

If you suspect that you or someone close to you may be experiencing hearing loss, visit to find more information on the causes and treatments available or speak with one of the Beltone hearing care specialists who can answer all your questions and concerns. You may also view a range of Beltone’s hearing aid instruments. As their commitment to superior patient satisfaction, Beltone products are backed by their exclusive BelCare™ program which provides a lifetime of care and protection for your ongoing hearing health. It is also reassuring to know that should you require service for your Beltone hearing aid, you can visit any one of more than 1500 participating Beltone Hearing Care Centers.

As part of their ongoing commitment in instilling consumer confidence in every individual who may be considering a Beltone hearing aid product, the company remains in good standing with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). The BBB has also seen fit to raise Beltone Electronics’ rating after considering such factors as the company’s complaint and resolution history as well as the number of years they have been in operation.

The ability to hear is an important part of each individual’s overall health and if left undiagnosed and untreated can adversely affect the way one interacts with family, friends, and coworkers. Visit Beltone’s website, to find the nearest Beltone Hearing Care Centre, and to get all the information you need about how to protect your hearing health and the products and services available should you require a hearing aid device.

Beltone is a leader in the hearing instruments industry and receives positive customer satisfaction consistently. Here are just a few patient reviews found around the web:

I am very pleased with my new Beltone hearing aids. These devices have enabled me to hear sounds I have not heard in many years, understand conversations in a noisy environment, and listen to television and music at a normal level. There is another important benefit to these hearing aids, the Beltone office staff. My \”Hearing Instrument Specialist\”, Chris O\’Brien worked with me to fine-tune the parameters of the hearing aids until I was amazed at their clarity & performance. In my opinion, Beltone makes a fine product and employs a talented and caring staff. May 30, 2013 by G.J

Is it sad that at my age i’ve had to venture here?… possibly..
however, considering, I had been directed to go after finding out from my ENT that I might have Meniere’s Disease, Beltone Hearing brought a smile to my face.
First off, they did my hearing test for free dollars and Free Cents!!… Secondly, the way they care for each patient that goes in is amazing.. they treat you (no matter age, sex, etc) with care and respect. The doctor explains in detail each part of the test so that you are relaxed and know you’re in good hands.
Thank you Beltone! :-D 5/21/2013 by A.D., Yelp Beltone Review

Best in town, I have been wearing hearing aids for years. I wasn’t satisfied with my previous aids. I went to beltone and Mr. Moon has been able to get my hearing better than ever. My hearing was not the best and I was worried that the hearing aids would be to big and stand out. I was excited that I was able to be fitted with the smaller hearing aids that hardly can be noticed. I was so satisfied that I recommended beltone to my sister-in-law and she is now a patient with them too. 3/29/2013 by Ted, Yahoo Beltone Review

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